What is W.m.d.?


1. Weapons of Mass Deception

2. Bullshit

3. An excuse for a douche-bag to blow America's grand-children's future and fill a generation's worth of body-bags for his own ends (and probable profits).

W.M.D.s weren't Saddam Hussein's domain, it's what Dubya fed the American people to justify filling his and his crony's pockets.

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Woolly Mammoth of Destruction. Code name for a large, neanderthal-ish looking Persian women. Very rough physically (likes to push and punch), in manners, communication, etc. Enjoys food to a point that the WMD will eat it off the floor. Avoid at all cost.

Guy 1: Just look at that fat bitch, she is forcing herself onto that little guy.

Guy 2: That's sad dude, he is gonna be trampled by the W.M.D.

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