What is W.o.f.?


A W.O.F. (pronounced w-ah-f) is a Waste of Flesh. This refers to someone who is being completely worthless. It applies most frequently to boys of high school and college age.

"I cannot believe you did that! You are such a W.O.F. !" (best used when shouted at someone in response to a completely bonehead action)

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An individual who is so worthless/incompetent/lazy that it would've been more productive for offspring's parents to not have even had sex in the first place. (IE genetic material used to concieve this person was wasted)

After years of trying to convince himself that he was not a W.O.F., Tim finally gave in and shot himself.


a person that you wouldn't sleep with for a million dollars, someone so not worth your time you wouldn't even sleep with them with a paperbag over there face and you were the last two people on earth

Oh that girl, she's a W.O.F. (Waste of Fuck), not a chance in hell.

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