What is W.o.o.t.?


Stands for We Own the Other Team; an acronym from the world of online shoot 'em up gaming, signifying a victory, or just that your team is kicking ass

w.0.0.t! we win, you suck muther f*****s!


A phrase used by womanizing bastards the world over, meaning "we only oggle tits." Was vastly popular in the late eighties and early nineties on the west coast, and was once found as the slogan for a nightclub catering to lesbians. This has been the cause of roughly 35 suspentions over the course of the years, with teachers and parents banning the obscenity from school pictures.

Duuuude, w.O.O.t. that Mr. H!

See Shuffle


a Christian abv. meaning Worship Only One Truth

my friend at church has a pin that says w.O.O.t.


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