What is W.o.p.?


still means with out papers,

this was a problem for many italians when they were immigrating from the homeland, they didn't bring any papers with them, i don't know if my greatgradfather had this problem but it is one that many of our ancestors faced it's just directed towards the italian population, it can be used as a demeaning term to put down someone that is italian when you yourself are not, my friend calls me a w.o.p all the time and i call him a mic cause he's irish.

scott, "c'mon you stupid fucking w.o.p!"

me, "go eat a potato and chase it with a beer you fucking mic!"

(to this present day we are still friends and there are no hard feelings between the two of us or our families)


means Waste Of Pussy

a girl can be a W.O.P.

or what she does can be a W.O.P.

heres just a few examples:

the hot chick in a movie gets killed you say "man what a waste of pussy!"

or a girl thats just so messed up mentally and/or emotionally that shes undateable, shes a W.O.P.

when you see hot chick with an ugly guy (asian girls for example) thats a W.O.P.

See wop, vagina, asian girl, hot chick


with out papers dirty hairy italian people

mike rossi

See steve


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