What is Word Ending In "er Her, I Hardly Know Her?


Another way to add sex to innocent things without saying "that's what she said."

in (word ending in "er) her, i hardly know her, "Her" is the same person as "She" in that's what she said. It's a hypothetical girl that you have sex with.

When someone says a word ending in "er" you turn it into a sex joke.

So if a friend says, "Dude, I broke your windsheild wiper."

You say, "Wipe her? I hardly know her!"

Friend: You're such a messy eater

You: Eat her? I hardly know her!

Friend: Shut up, you fucker.

You: Fuck her? I hardly know her!

that's how to use: (word ending in "er) her, i hardly know her

See that's what she said, sex, jokes, dirty


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