What is W00t!?


when on an online video game, instead of typing "yay" or hooray", you type w00t!

I killed you! w00t!

See Brodie


woohoo, or expression of happiness or accomplishment

ex. i beat you w00t!


Elite speak (1337 5p34k) that expresses joy

I just got a promotion. w00t!


originally standing for "We Own (the) Other Team". More commonly used in WoW for victories over bosses or epic /legendary drops in end-game.

Bobbytwink: "We just stomped alli in WSG 3-0!"

twinkedoutwar: "W00T!"

sneakyrogue: "W00t!!!!11"

See woot, hax, leet, pwnt, charb


A term used by gamers to represent having gained something, capturing the flag or getting a head shot, originally Wondrous Loot, later shortened. Often used in l33t 5p33k.

"Got the flag!"


See w007, l33t, gamers, capture the flag


A thing that shows a good mood;happiness. Or woohoo

ex. "w00t! i beat you"


Means that your happy, like "OH YEAH"

"I just landed a ssbsts on a 12 stair ledge. w00t!" Look up ssbsts


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