What is W00tadin?


A player(need not be of paladin class) in World of Warcraft, on a roleplaying server, who has reached level 60 without understanding even remotely what a roleplaying server is, or, in some cases, without being able to understand the server language.

Players of this (very common) category are definately in World of Warcraft for teh eppixx, and teh ph4t l3wt(the epic gear and the rich loot), and are generally considired to be the bane of roleplaying everywhere.

Orazueth: Hey, why are yeh leapin' about, fella? Somethin' wrong, hn?

W00tadin: im sry i cnat speak english plaes forgive

Orazueth: English? What the &#/& do ya mean?

W00tadin:{runs off without answering}

Orazueth: Bah! Hope ya die, murloc-boya!

See wow, murloc


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