What is W00tage?


An exclamation of joy, derived from w00t; or something containing a high level of w00t.

<kmj> w00tage! I finally got my thingy out of the vaccuum hose!


1.) The subject you are talking about has many w00t characteristics.

2.)w00t flows in the subject.

3.)When expressed towards something, as in the example, it applies the power of w00t to it.

M4ximum w00tage 70 411!!

See Fred


(n.) A measure of the net output of w00t from a given body. One can find through simple mathematics that the w00t into a person at any given time is equal to the w00t out of that person. This is why w00tage should be reciprocated.

Tommy: OMFG Billy w00t w00t w00t U R Awesome!

BIlly: So are you! w00t w00t.

Tommy: Wow, our w00tage is disproportional. You can't be my friend now.

Billy: w00t!

Tommy: You are forgiven.

See w00t, l337, l33t, n00b, voltage


comes from w00t... and way to express your joy for something or another.

feeling excited.

w00tage, that was so totally awsome


teh -age form of w00t!

Used by 1337 h4x0rz to describe things they like.

w00tage! Tahts so k00lorz!


A 1337 word describing joy or happiness

1.w00t w00t! I beat the shit out of that n00b!

2.oooooooooh! you got owned n00b! w00tage!

See Pedro


synonym for the phrase *w00t w00t*

He made out with me!! w00tage!!


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