What is W-t-f?


The same meaning as "What the fuck," just saying the letters out. Mostly Australians use it, but it sounds funny as hell.

Bob: Hey man, did you see that girl last night?

Sticky: W-T-F man, you went to the club without me?


"what the fuck" you don't say the letters out loud, thats just retarded! you say the words. w-t-f you use it for texting "what the fuck" or for sites such as myspace as it is actually scene as fuck to say wtf & tbh ( to be honest) actually wait...

those tards do say "W-T-F" in real life. grow some balls and swear like a mother fucker ;)

"dude w-t-f was that?"

"tbh i dont really know."

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what the "f" word this is for the people that cant curse.

W-T-F is wrong with you?

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