What is W00tness?


A state of maximum happiness. Like when you feel like shouting "w00t!" so loud, that the whole world can hear you.

Rolling with constant w00tness and drinking BooKoo is called BooKoo Style


An explosion of mirth. Levels of intense excitement. A sesquepedalian amount of joy and laughter.

1. It is safe to say, when you get a good grade in a subject, that high levels of "w00tness" have been achieved.


Interjection. A word Jennifer Yeisley of Scranton PA commonly uses when she agrees with something or when something goes her way. Its her word and only she is know for. She is the only person who sounds naturally cute while saying it.

Jessica: Yo, Jen, guess what. The spongebob Movie is in theaters.

Jen: w00tness! Lets go!


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