What is W4w?


Whore for Whore

It's usually a cheap way to gain popularity in myspace. People whore themselves to other people and they sort of do a trade-off in a way. If that person helps whore the other person, they'll get more friends out of it.

(Usually posted on a bulletin)

w4w!! She has 45k friends! add her and she'll get you friends!!!

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Whore for whore.

Another myspace term for crazy friend collecting myspace whores.

You make a whore code. Which is basically, your picture, and a stupid self proclamation of why you're cooler than the rest of the world.

You then exchange codes with someone who posts equally obnoxious bulletins every four seconds.

You post each others codes in a bulletin so that people on the other person's friend list will hopefully add you.

Holy shiz yo. Let's w4w. I wanna get to 52k!

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synonym for "i am a complete tosser. please delete me from your friends."

n00b - wanna do w4w?

Tom - ok

~deletes n00b~

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A term commonly used on myspace thats short hand for

"whore for whore"

A person can create a "whore code" using their friend id, which usually displays a picture of themselves/reasons to add them/a link for adding them etc.

Users swap whore codes which are usually located in a box on the persons profile.

They then post a myspace bulletin with the whore code as the content of the bulletin.

Users then may or may not click the link inside the bulletin and add the person.

whoring is sometimes used as a reward for a user doing another user a favor over myspace.

Whore code bulletins usually have subjects complimenting the user such as "ADD this cute boy+++++"

w4w is also commonly called "s4s"

which stand for

skank for skank or support for support.

Does anyone want to w4w? it will get us a lot of friends on myspace.

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it means women for women lesbian

Mark: "wats a w4w."

Cindy: "Its women for women."

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Acronym meaning 'Woman for Woman.' Used as shorthand in personal ads online or in newspapers.

I wanted pussy last night, so I posted a w4w. But the only person who responded was some hairy midget dude. Fuck.

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