What is W.w.j.d.?


What would Jesus Do? Used on Christian bracelets,necklaces among other things.

I saw this guy in the theater talking on his cell phone. I thought about chunking popcorn at his head until he shut up; then I saw my wrist band that said "W.W.J.D." So I lit him on fire and sent him to Hell, I really did feel better to.

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who would jesus do

we all know jesus was human...nough said.

Guy: w.w.j.d.?

Jesus: mmmm id tap that fine ass over there, brah.

Guy: gross.

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1) What Would Jesus Do?

2) What Would John Do? (also seen in the form WTFWJD - what the f**k would john do)

(John Carmack, created of the engines for the Doom and Quake series, possibly the single hand who gave us 3d gaming. Still innovating the industry today)

1) But Christan, you can't go out with that girl, she is not one of us. Remember to ask yourself, W.W.J.D!

2) Ahh Crap! I can't get this friggen M.O.D's engine to work right, WTFWJD!


We Want Jack Daniels

The college party-goers were craving the alcohol promised and so begain chanting, "W.W.J.D.!"

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"WHO would jesus do?", a video game. You are jesus, you walk into a frat party, and you see a bunch of partiers. Men, woman, and others. You must decide, correctly, which of the partiers jesus would "do". Is it the Brittney Spears lookalike or the clearly gay guy? Or both? You decide.

Dude 1: "Hey dude, what're you playin'?"

Dede B: "W.W.J.D. Which of these hotties you think jesus yould do?"

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What Would Japeto Do

"..I thought it was, "what would Japeto do?" -Homer Simpson


What would j00 do? What gamers ask each other when they encounter a tough boss or area.

Dude i'm playing Kingdom Hearts and I just got to Ansem, w.w.j.d.?

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