What is Z06?


Late generation performance package Corvette. Runs high 12 second quarter miles stock. Utilizes a 346 cubic inch all aluminum V8. Routinely see modified variants running 10 second quarter miles.

My Z06 is faster than nearly every import brought to the states.


An option package on the 1963 Corvette Sting Ray. Featuring heavy-duty shocks, higher-rate springs, bigger brakes w/ metallic linings, and last, but not least: a monster 36.5-gallon fuel tank in the back. With a full tank, about 55% of the car's weight was over the rear axle.

A reaL '63 Z06 with a 360hp Ram-Jet fuel-injected 327c.i. V8 go's for over $100 grand.

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2002-2004 z06 included a 405hp LS6 V8. Capable of putting down very low 12s and 117mph traps. Amazing handling, only 3,113 lbs (200lbs lighter than a regular vette), 50/50 weight distribution, insane brakes (60-0 stopping in 108 ft), will out run ANY car less than 120k dollars on a road course. First automotive use of balsa wood (lightest wood on the planet) as filler for floorboards to save weight. Titanium exhaust saves 20lbs, top speed 180mph, 0-60 4.0sec, 1/4 mile 12.25sec at 117mph. Greatest sports car for its 52k dollar factory price tag lb per lb.

every car that has ever raced a z06 has lost. every car.

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Pinnacle of a bud light connoisseurs dream.

Dude I just cut my mullet off because I'm classy now. Let's hop in the Z06 and pick up some Sam Adams. The product of middle age penis enlargement.


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