What is Zaamonster?


The evil villians of the dark underworld. Their task, my friends, is defeat the mighty and spectacular Weesnaw Wizard. Yes, my friends, they are evil. They will destroy any earthling, martian, plutonite, or any other witness that gets in their way of their sinister journey. Their leader is the King Zaamonster. In earlier life he fell in love with the Weesnaw Goddess, but she married the Weesnaw King. Jelous, as he is, he is off to destroy their colony. They will never defeat the Wizards, because the Wizards are to victorious to lose! The traditional fighting technique for the Zaamonsters is junk dingers; throwing their pet junkys at the Wizards.

Zaamonsters are evil.

See evil, villian, junk, sparkle, lizard


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