What is Zadr?


Acronym for Zim And Dib Relationship aka Zim And Dib Romance. The two main characters from the show Invader Zim.

Basically the slash pairing of Zim and Dib.

Term mostly used by obsessive fangirls.

Jhonen hates ZaDR

ZaDR is so wrong... yet so RIGHT!


ZADR is a lovely acronym for Zim and Dib Romance/Relationship. It has it's roots deep in... well, people trying to find out how to say 'hot human/alien sex inside' while still staying PG ;P. No, seriously, it came out of just slash culture and a bunch of other crap besides. I still stick by the definition above, though. It tends to be shounen-ai, if not blatant yaoi. Some of it IS good though.

'ZaDR writers unite!'


the most villainous acronym evah

ZADR makes me sick to my ill-proned belly- Jhonen Vasquez

See zadr, hate, evil


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