What is Zambo?


Someone who is half-black, half American Indian.


A Latino who is of African and Amerindian ancestory.

Zambos were the children of escaped African slaves who wandered into the Central and South American jungles, and took refuge among the sympathetic Mesoamericans who would also fall victim to the Spanish.

Maria Espanoza is a zambo; her mother is black and also has zambo ancestory.

See hispanic, latino, chicano, black, african american, black indian, native american, biracial, ethnicity


A jerk. A jackass. Stupidity some times due to alcohol or drugs.

also may be tzambo or total zambo.

Those two zambos wouldn't shut up during the movie.

See zambo'd, jackass, dope, wasted


1) a teacher of Calculus who is incredibly funny

2) a quote said by such a teacher

"Got any Zambos from class today?"

See Dan


A badass sniper chick who will pop ur narbie arse if u show so much as a whisker.


"Where the hell did that crazy zambo come from!!!"


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