What is Zamboni?


kick-ass thing that cleans ice on ice rinks

look at that zamboni go!

i wanna zamboni machine


Beef flaps that hangs so far down that when the girl walks she wets the floor beneath her.

After pounding Sissy into submission she proceeded to zamboni a perfect swath from my kitchen floor, to the front door.

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If you party foul and spill a drink, you suck it up off the floor/table/the hot girl's tits. The nastier the floor, the harder the party should push you to zamboni. No floor is too gross to exempt you from zamboni. You often have to zamboni during beer pong or beer dice. The term originates from the device that clears and resurfaces ice skating rinks. You spilt it, so you have to clean it up, but with your mouth.

Todd tried to slap a bounce during beer pong, but knocked a cup over instead. ZAMBONI, TODD!

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A drunk chick whose attempts to walk make her appear as though she's walking on ice.

That Zamboni keeps spilling her beer on me.

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A piece of fabric or cloth, usually a washcloth or old t-shirt, used to catch the sexy-time explosion during masturbation (male).

1. Man, I have not washed my zamboni in months. It's starting to feel like a piece of cardboard.

2. As Kevin woke up from a drunken stupor, he laughed when he noticed his best friend Mike was passed out on his floor and using his zamboni as a pillow.


A piece of cloth (e.g. hankerchief, sock, underwear, t-shirt) that is used to clean up any and all spills in a college dorm room.

"Oh crap I just spilled my beer...Get the Zamboni!"

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A towel, t-shirt, sock, or any other rag used to wipe up a load after you beat off and blow a load on your stomach.

I was looking for a CD in Tony's room and found a crusty old T-shirt that he's been using as a Zamboni.

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