What is Zambortion?


The 1:16th scale, retarded love child between a Zamboni and a Street Sweeper. The Zambortion comes fully equipped with a retractible, flexible hose allowing its operator to perform abortions with a flick of the wrist, all the while never having to remove his fat ass from the built in toilet seat. The Zambortion is commonly found wherever there is a sidewalk and most importantly, direct visual contact with an extremely hot receptionist. While saline implants are not a requirement they will however, greatly increase your chances of an elusive Zambortion sighting.

Yo Yaz, I think the Zambortion driver is totally stalking you because he has been cleaning the same spot of sidewalk for like 5 hours. You better put the twins away before he jizzums!


A minature Zamboni that cleans sidewalks

and is equipt to do abortions. Can fit in hard to reach places. Also has tilt steering.

Seth and I watched the Zambortion clean

the sidewalk outside of work.


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