Zander Levit

What is Zander Levit?


A boy from Gladwynne PA, that feels compelled to be the role of everyone's second mom. Particularly Ian Plotnick and Eli Weiner. Usually hangs around L.T. Daniel R. Sperm. and Josh Niemtzow. Often makes excuses to get out of social events that don't include Dan Stern.

Josh Niemtzow: "Yeah I can go to Ian Plotnick's house in Maryland, because I am not a ZANDER LEVIT."

A typical Zander Levit Quote

"I dont care at all, ,about what you just did, but i care tons about what you did Ian."

"You askin for trouble Ian, because that grin on your face, hints you want an ass whooping."

See Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice


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