What is Zara?


A very cute, attractive person who may not know that she is one. She is, however, very modest about her superb appearance. Frequently blend in the crowd, but it's not difficult for one to acknowledge her beauty.

Man, it's so hard to make that Zara to know she's pretty.


ZARA is a notible fashion clothing store, with various stores world wide, in exelent city locations, normaly bought only by upscale individuals who are willing to pay more to look great.

Meg: I love your outfit!

Liz: Thanks i bought it at Zara at the Foreign Shops in Vegas


A really bad hair cut and dye job!

omg where did she get her hair done thats totaly zara!

See zara, hair, bad, dye, funny


The biggest ugliest penis in the world, if you have one then your usally over weight and have bingo wings

omg dude, you have a zara, thats not kool

See zara, fat, shit, fugly, bitch


A TrUuE FrIeNd ThAt NOEs AlOt Of HoTt PeOpLeE.. ShE HaS A HoT BrOtHeRR... nD iS mY bEsEsT FrIeNdD <33

Zara.. yew wanan sleep ova??


Hey Zara.. ur friends are soo annoyin.. no iffence.. <3


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