What is Zar-jacked?


Zar-jacked is a subset of deja vu.

It's when you think you've been to a place that someone is describing, but you suddenly realise that you only visited the place within the virtual boundries of a computer/console game.

i was like watching tv, like on the int-ernet, when like this guy was like totally talking about the GAP, where you buy like clothes and stuff. And i thought to myself 'hey i was there like there the other day!' and then like i totally realized that i wasn't cos i was like -all old school- and playing GTA Vice City the other day and so i like totally remembered that the graphics were like all different to reality, even tho the store was like a total mimic of the GAP due to the sardoinic intertextuality that like totally laced that entire franchise...

...tacos zar-jacked my hyundai

See console, pathetic, sad, taco, pil


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