Zbsw Syndrome

What is Zbsw Syndrome?


TheDreamingZer0 (3:24:36 AM): well for soem odd rerason a lot of people in Hawaii is in some kind of grappling shit

TheDreamingZer0 (3:24:52 AM): we have like 4 schoolds for a little island


TheDreamingZer0: LOL I made them both all 10 on O and 1 on D

TheDreamingZer0: just so I could get the shots


Togally not making any #$%@#%#$ Sense when you talk:

ie "TheDreamingZer0: this me some other Mafia."

Did you hear Foolio talk tonight? He was making no #*%()#$% sense. He must have ZBSW Syndrome


Totally not making any fucking sense when you talk.

ie "TheDreamingZer0: this me some other Mafia."

Did you hear Foolio talking tonight? He made no fucking sense, he must have ZBSW Syndrome.


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