What is Ze Goggles, Zey Do Nothing!?


Derived from the episode of the simpsons "Radioactive Man" Season 7, Episode 2

During the shooting of the new Radioactive Man movie and the most expensive shot in the film, Rainier Wolfcastle, as Radioactive Man, is badly burnt by a 40 foot wall of sulphuric acid which Millhouse, playing Fallout Boy, was supposed to save him from. Radioactive Man, clothes melting off, exclaims "MY EYES... the googles, they do nothing!" In his best Austrian accent of course. Hence "Ze googles, zey do nothing!"

I like to use this quote when I've accidentally looked into the sun or at anything exceptionaly shiney.

Rupert: Check out the VR4 I've just had it waxed

Sean: *shields face* my eyes... ze goggles, zey do nothing..

Caroline: Lets hit the town, im wearing my shiney shoes...

Sean: *shields face* my eyes... ze goggles, zey do nothing!

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A phrase of mostly-unknown origin which is used on forums and image boards to denote that a certain story or image is shocking, disgusting, appalling, etc.

*someone posts scat porn*


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