What is Zech?


life, energy, beans, zest, youthfulness, happy.

"you have zech" would be a way to use this word.

See sloth, tired, asleep, bored, sad


An insult used which means any of the following:

Gay, Homosexual, Faggot, Annoying, Funny-looking, Curly-headed, Freckle-faced, Crackhead, etc.

Situation 1

(Guy 1) Dude look at that guy in tight pants with a rainbow shirt on!

(Guy 2) What a Zech!

Situation 2

(Guy 1) Dude is it weird that i still sleep with a teddy bear?

(Guy 2) AT least you're not gay like Zech!

See zech, gay, faggot, is, a


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