What is Zed?


The way Canadians, British, Australians, and any other English-speaking country aside from the United States pronounce the final letter of the alphabet: Z. The American pronounciation "Zee" is derived from a now commonly obsolete late 17th century English dialect. The pronounciation "Zed" is ratified by the French "Zède", the Spanish and Italian "Zeta", and the Dutch "Zet", to name a few.

Eh, Bee, See, Dee, Ee, Eff, Gee, Aych, Eye, Jay, Kay, El, Em, Enn, Oh, Pee, Cue, Arr, Ess, Tee, You, Vee, Double-You, Ex, Why, **Zed.**

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1. Slang for a Zombie, usually of the George A. Remereo (famous zombie movie director) type. Used commonly in the Max Brooks two novels: World War Z, and The Zombie Survival Guide. Used by zombie fans as a short cut to typing or saying the word.

2. The "proper" English way of pronouncing the letter Z

1. I just watched Dawn of the Dead and the ZEDS in that were fast!

2. I just got done reading World War Zed, and was it freaky

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How the British pronounce the letter "Z".

X, Y, Zed.

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Z series sports car built by Datsun/Nissan. 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, 280ZX, 300ZX, 350Z

That guy drives one cool zed!


A neologism or apothegm employed by ingroups to:

1. elicit solidarity,

2. pronounce exclamation or excitement,

3. alert others to one's presents,

4. bestow on others to recognise / indicate friendship

5. indicate achievement

1. "Zed" (to express acknowledgement on something said)

2. "F*$king Zed!" (with vigour on spilling a drink)

3. "Ah, Zed" (used on approach to a group of friends)

4. "Zed" (employed with a nod)

5. "Chris Zed biatch" (rising pitch)

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mostly known on habbo UK.

a person who dates another person on the internet, claming they will love them for ever, adopt a child (really a 13+ pretending to be a baby)

then the next day, they'll dump each other and move on.

zedgirl: he11o babes i 1ove you.

zedboy: i 1ove u 2 x

next day.

zed boy: ur dumped.

zed girl: NOOO.

5 min later.

zedgirl: t+?

zed boy 2: t+u =love

zedgirl: kay bbz i 1ove you

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the actual way to say the last letter of the english alphabet if you are from canada!!!

we canadians do not say zee we say zed just like the rest of the common wealth!(for those who do not know the common wealth is all of the english colonies. think of the common wealth games all of those countries)

there is a sign that reads " e-z tax retunes"

British person- what does it mean 'e-zed' tax returns?

canadian person- it is the lazy americans way of saying easy, yes i know its dumb.

british person-so the zed makes the sound zee? why?

canadian person- only the lord knows why, i guess they just had to be different as always! :@

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