What is Zeek?


Reference to someone who is far more nerdier than a geek. "a geek to the power of 7"

Someone who describes a 'zeek' with a definition: "a geek to the power of 7"

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The human male organ that hangs in between his legs.

Chick 1: Woah, did you see his zeek? It was huge!

Chick 2: Nahh, his zeek was mad small. I've had it in me before.

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Slang term used to describe a zeon soldier in Mobile Suit Gundam. Primarily used by Federation forces.

I'm going to drive those zeeks off the earth!

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a weird or unusual human that does alienistic things and is usually outkasted by everyone and has no friends they live alone and nibble on things sometimes have weird movements too

Me and my friend walked into burger king and saw a zeek sitting in the corner talking to himself.

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a person who holds similar characteristics to a geek/nerd, but declared one from a person who usually lives/lived in Medford, MA (classes of 1980-1990).

any more retahded and they would be a Hegner (Heggna).

An idiot from a neighboring city who would say Meffa, when finding out that you lived in "Mefid" (Medford, MA).

Not to be confused with a Muzz!

You fuckin ZEEK. You're a fucking zeek. You zeek! Get out of here, you fucking zeek.

You fucking zeek, it's Mefid not Meffa.

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Fighting Somebody And Winning

Vincente ImaZeek da shit out of ya ugly ass bitch

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WWII US Marine slang for the Mitsubishi A6M Zero, Ubiquitous World War II Japanese fighter aircraft. Now used as a derogatory for an uncool car.

I want to dust off some zeeks (AKA Race some shitboxes).

That zeek hasn't got a clue what his bearings are.

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