What is Zees?


sleepnapget some sleep

i'm gonna catch some zees i.e. i,m going to get some sleep


a suffix put on the end of inanimate objects to name a game.

Wallzees: a couple of people throw money at a wall whoever gets the closest wins everyone elses money. Some common made up rules include:

Rollzees: when a coin rolls to the wall

Stonezees: when a coin goes backwards because it hits a stone.

Wallzees: when a coin lays either flat or pretty much flat against a wall.

Stankzees: a couple of people throw money onto a drain and then from the drain try and hit the other persons coin if you do you get their money. commonly incorrecly called "skankzees"

because you are "skanking" their money.

Bottlezees: Basicly a game of football with a plastic bottle. usually played on two picnic benches oppisite each other and below the seat is the goal.

person 1: hey you wanna game of wallzees

person 2: yeh mate, 20p game

person 1: 20p game?

person 2: 20p game

See zees


To give or receive a blowjob.

Dude:"Babe, gimme zees!"

See z's


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