What is Zemyx?


1) A Kingdom Hearts yaoi pairing between Organization XIII's Zexion and Demyx.

With random and assorted ZexionXDemyx stories. These two are a new popular coupling from the video game, Kingdom Hearts

Both Demyx and Zexion play the roles of Uke and Seme. But most stories are of Zexion taking the Seme role, and Demyx playing the role of Uke.

1) Random and assorted ZexionxDemyx fluff stories (Zemyx)

2) This story includes the following pairings AkuRoku, Soiku, and Zemyx.

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a cute paring of characters in the game Kingdom Hearts. it is made up of Zexion and Demyx. although they aren't in the same game, they have been pared together for multiple reasons.

one is that they are complete oposets, Zexion is quiet and prefers to keep to himself, and Demyx is a musician, naturaly likeing sound and is hyper and clumsy and likes attension, though rarely suposedly gets it because he is an outcast much like Zexion. another reason is that they are both around the same age, unlike akuroku or xigdem in which the couple is around ten years difrence. another reasons is its just adorable!

in this paring, nether Zexion or Demyx is the uke. and the paring is more based on love for each other and oddly resembles a childs relationship, they rarely ever need an uke or seme basically. otherwise it is usualy just based on which the writer oe artist prefers, which is usualy Zexion, although a good number is Demyx for age purposes which Zexion is suposedly a year younger.

this is by far the most apropriat paring for almost any age and is much like a disney movie kind of love. it is also by far the cutest and actualy one of the easiest to write.

Demyx fangirl: what are you reading?

Zexion fangirl: *drools* readin a Zemyx fic...

Demyx fangirl: awwww! so kawaii!

Zexion fangirl: nothin else describes it!

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