What is Zendor?


Mighty warrior of Eucadian decent. God like powers over all of his minions. Ladies flock to his feet like turtles to water and men want to be like him. Those who are jelous and have small manhoods are known as Chernovans, but Mighty Zendor destroys them with his TOW. He retires to his palace and eats copious amounts of creme caramel. His royal guards the Tea's are also his chums. When they're not busy destroying other clans, they like to have Space hopper races and footlong hotdog duels. Whoever's hotdog snaps - loses!

"Here Comes Zendor, hide!"

"What? Zendor? THE Zendor? Zendor of Mightyness! man, he is tough and cool"

See warhawk, zen, zendor, mighty, awesome, tea, crumpets, Zendor


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