Zero Requiem

What is Zero Requiem?


A plan made by Lelouch vi Britainia, that is to set the world into a state of tranquility. the first part of the plan is to get the world to despise you, second conquer the world,third die thus leaving the world united under the hatred of you. once that you die, the world has no need for military because it was united, in other words no war ever again.

Lelouch vi Britainia was killed by Zero thus completing Zero Requiem

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A plan set forth by Lelouch Lamperouge that is meant to bring the world peace.

1. Gather the world's hatredto self

2. Die

3. ????

4. Profit

Suzaku kills Lelouch, thus completing Zero Requiem.

See zero, requiem, lelouch


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