What is Zero-day?


A term used to describe distribution or release of digital media (such as software, video or music) before it is sold in stores or before it hits the street. Zero-day releases may be pirated or stolen and may break the law, but not all zero-day releases are obtained illegally.

To own a copy of the next version of Windows two weeks before its official release date.

See Pascal


warez'ed software, usually, that's distributed really quickly, perhaps even on the official software release date or before.

Come into this chan for hot zero-day xdcc bots!


No time left to do whatever you had planned to do, the day you die, or the day that your life will metaphorically end (be put in jail for life)

He hadnt come up with the money, it was zero-day.


usually day of release for music or games on the internet relating to the pirate groups that release it on the internet

warez, mp3z, appzz, gamez

See hk


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