Zeta Tau Alpha

What is Zeta Tau Alpha?


One of the trashiest sororities at Miami of Ohio, more commonly known as "Zits, Tits, and Ass". Zeta girls are the true definition of "butterfaces" and increasingly more often than not they are just plain ugly sluts ... Have you ever seen a guy who is beyond fratfaced macking on some seriously hideous sober girl? If so, you have seen a Zeta girl at work.

Frat bro #1: "Hey Woods, did you see that Zeta Tau Alpha Tommy was all over last night?"

Frat bro #2: "Yeaaaaa, he should probably go get himself checked out."

Frat bro #3: "How fucked up do you have to be to get with a Zeta, not even paper bags can fix those girls."

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Zeta Tau Alpha is a women's fraternity, and is often referred to as a sorority. The women of ZTA (also referred to as simply "Zeta") are classy, witty, and pretty. They're the girls who you can bring home to mom, but can drink your dad under the table. Their colors are turquoise blue and steel gray. Their open motto is "seek the noblest". Their symbol is the crown and they are often referred to as "Queen of Greeks". At Illinois State University, they can be seen rolling deep into parties, coming in 1st place for most competitive events, and chanting "UH OH ZETA!". They've been crowning only the best women since 1898.

Fraternity Pledge: Man, there's this girl in my physics class whose so hot. She's classy, witty AND pretty. But I'm not sure what sorority she's in.

Fraternity Active: You must be new around here, she's gotta be a Zeta Tau Alpha.

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Zeta Tau Alpha is a nationally recognized fraternity - not a sorority because it was founded by young women without the help of a male fraternity - whose open motto is "Seek The Noblest" (not "Love... the greatest of all things"). ZTA is the third-largest Panhellenic organization in the nation with now over 191,000 initiated members and 148 active collegiate chapters across the country. ZTA has raised over thousands of dollars for their philanthropy, breast cancer research and awareness, and is partnered with Yoplait, the NFL, and Self Magazine to help raise awareness and funds for the cause. The overall goal of Zeta Tau Alpha is to foster friendship and sisterhood and to instill in its members nobility, integrity, and a commitment to high personal standards.

If you're dating a Zeta Tau Alpha raise your hand... if not, raise your standards!

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Typically referred to as simply as Zeta, ZTA is a sorority. While the Zetas at the University of Georgia are generally well rounded, upstanding, attractive girls, the Zetas at Georgia Tech are usually attractive and complete bitches. There are a few notable exceptions, but these are not the girls to take home to mom. If you want to find a girl to take home to mom at Georgia Tech, try looking the the ADPi house. ADPis are just as attractive but much nicer.

Guy 1: "I tried talking to that Zeta Tau Alpha over there but she wouldn't even say 'Hi' back."

Guy 2: "Well what did you expect? She's a Zeta."

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Zeta Tau Alpha is a nationally recognized sorority. Their motto is- Love, the greatest of all things.

Zeta's are classy girls. They can drink and party with the best of them, but they also hold the highest GPA's and give back to the community through various volunteer organizations. Zeta's are the girls men take home to their mothers but can drink your father under the table.

Not only do we have the looks, brains, and glamour, but most importantly the class to back it up. With our crowns on high and that Zeta sparkle in our eye, we are every guy's dream and every girl's envy. There's only one thing to be... and that's a Zeta!

Wow, that girl is amazing; she's got it all. She must be a Zeta Tau Alpha.

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The greatest sorority on earth, envied by every girl and wanted by every guy. We just run shit on campus like pro's. So for all you freshman who want to be one of us you better step your game up cuz it isn't easy wearing the Zeta crown!

"When we pass by with the crown, bitch bow down."


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