What is Zex?


short for Zexion, resident emo kid of Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts.

This name is what he preferes to be called, if a short form MUST be used. Zexy is a no-go i guess....

Note: pair him with Demyxand the fangirls will love you forever.

"Oh come on Zexy, it'll be fiinnee." Axelnudged the younger boy with his elbow.

Zexion pinched the bridge of his nose lightly in irritation.

"If you insist on using shortforms for my name, could you at least use 'Zex'? Its far less demeaning..."

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AMC's Zack and Kendall OR ZENDALL having sex. fans usually refer to it as ZEX.

OMG ZENDALL is having zex again. This is the first time since she got out of her coma. lol

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When you get a black girl wet and she has white stripes from it

like a zebra- Zex

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Sex: Intercourse

NOT A COUNTERSTRIKE THING, Zex is for real people, not people who have zex with m4 silencers.


The act of randomly adding Z's onto a word.

Person 1: ZOMGZ I Love That Band.

Person 2: Dude stop having ZEX.


Person 1: Wowzzz that film was good.

Person 2: Yeah it waz.

Person 3: Both of you stop it with the Zex.

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a strange, yet jester-like person, who plays diablo 2 and starcraft and is very annoying at certain times, but likes to have ghey bum secks with his friends, achike and hmmblah.


Zex not Sex!

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gay counter-strike team aka zebra Extreme. CAN YOU MAKE A GAYER NAME THAN THAT?

your in zEx, you're gay.

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