What is Zhower?


1. A shower taken by two or more women that leads to confrontations with various levels of homoerotic behavior; portmanteau of "shower" and "zowie".

2. The sound of a broken dildo.

Guy 1: "I was talking to this girl online, and she said she gets lonely in the zhower."

Guy 2: "Dude, I know that chick! Her name's Addie!"

See zhower, shower, shpower, shexmex, dildo


A shower or bath related activity that espouses lesbian/homoerotic elements amongst the all-female body participating; onomatopoeia of the broken dildo that generally accompanies the women.

Guy 1: I just saw my sister go into the shower.

Guy 2: But my sister's in there already!

Guys 1&2: ...

Guy 1: Zhower time.

Guy 2: Wanna' peek?

See shower, lesbians, homoeroticism, dildo, bath


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