Zig The Bag

What is Zig The Bag?


Zig The Bag is a slang term and was derived from several non sensical terms such as Bag-T, T-Sack, and ultimately T-Bag. Zig the Bags primary definition is "Go fuck yourself"

secondary definition is "Play with my nutsack"

Basically it can mean several things depending on context, Such as "HEY YOU CANT BE DOIN' THAT HERE." "Oh really well Zig The Bag." Meaning really, Fuck You. Or Suck Cock. It can also be used as a sexual term for instance. "Yo Man did you zig last night?" "Yea I Zig'd The Bag" Meaning he "Hit It" Or Had Intercourse. Furthermore it can be used as an adjective for instance. " Man Last night i got so Zigged" Meaning he was either high or intoxicated. Term can also be used as an adjective, "Hey do you like Dougan?" "Dougan? that kid is such a bag zigger"

See zig, t bag, ballbag


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