What is Zigab?


A generic term used by many individuals in the Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto regions to describe an individual, place, food, theme or item of clear or remote Middle Eastern origin.

This expression is believed to be a bastardization of the Arabic first name "Ziad". First recorded usage dates back to circa 2001.

Possesses the unique claim of being a noun, adjective, adverb and proper noun simultaneously. May also be used as standalone onomatopaea through the addition of an exclamation mark (e.g. Zigab!).

Pronunciation varies regionally and situationally.

There are no negative racial or ethnic connotations to this word. Being referred to as "Zigab" or "Zigab-related" is considered complimentary.

1) "What would you like to eat? Some Zigab perhaps?" (referring to Lebanese or other Arabic cuisine)

2) "That guy looks mad Zigab"

3) "He visited a bunch of Zigab countries over the summer"

See igab, gab


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