What is Zing?


The new term for owned, said after saying something witty to someone in an insulting manner.

Person 1: So, what'd you do last night?

Person 2: Your Mum.....ZING.

(although you usually have to say somethign funnier than this example)


An interjection commonly used after making a witty joke at someone else's expense while they are present.

Person 1: Your room smells like ass.

Person 2: That's because you're in it. ZING!


interjection: A self proclaimed exclamation of superior bantering abilities

noun: a statement designed to verbally serve someone

inj. example, any of the following lines from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation may be followed by the exclamation "ZING!"

neighbor: Hey Griswald, where you gonna put a tree that big?

Griswald: Bend over and I'll show you (...ZING!)

neighbor: You got a lot of nerve talking to me that way.

Griswald (looking at neighbor's wife): I wasn't talking to you (...ZING!)


If someone makes an absolutely awful joke, or says something completely random or pointless. One member of the group may "zing" them.

This works best if done during the awkward silence after the joke/comment.

The zinger may also point with an open palm, fingers first at the joke/comment maker while zinging them for effect.

George: Hey guess what guys...last night we were having dinner right, and my mother, the silly oaf, burnt my pizza!!........(expecting laughter from the group)

Andy: (waitin a few seconds for the awkward silence to take hold].......ZING!!!!! (while pointing wih open palm)

Rest of Group: (laughter and general abuse directed at joke maker)

See zinger, zing


word to be used after someone does a crap punchline

Angus: your gay

Donald: your mums gay

Dylan: ZING!

See zing, joke, mum, gay, punchline


/zɪŋ/ Exclamative;

1. A noise made when a person, place, or thing is discriminated against in a humorous manner.

2. A sound describing that of sharp objects being flung through the air.

Hey. These eggs are a little hot. I'd like them a little colder. Cold. Like your heart. Zing!"

See burn, owned, cut, ding, pwned, Margh


(Interjection) A word used when a joke is only funny to the person that tells said joke and has no real relevance to the conversation currently at hand.

Guy 1: Man, that burrito I had last night was awesome!

Guy 2: Yeah, just like your mom!

Guy 1: Zing...

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