Zito's Cheese

What is Zito's Cheese?


Made famous by a local San Antonio delicatessen owner who values his costomers. The harshness and cruelty of "Zito's cheese" can be felt around the world.

Damn Brad, you spanked that bitch that asked for none of your Zito's Cheese on his sandwich. Brad, you are one bad mother fucker even though your wife makes you a cuckold all the time.


(n.) 1. Something that is so unwanted to the extent of creating hostilities, esp. in the foodservice industry.

2. A cheese-like substance placed on extremely low quality Italian sandwiches to dupe customers into paying premium prices, sometimes mistaken for gristle.

This sandwich tastes like shit! What's in it, Zito's cheese?!?

That jerk's about as liked as Zito's cheese.

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