What is Zizek?


A Slovenian philosopher, sociologist, and cultural critic. Zizek applies the Work of Lacan and to modern day cultural things critisizing things like capitialism, the use of haunting descriptive images to depict some bitch ass sob story, and other types of shock politics or performances. In 1990 he ran for president of Slovenia but then he lost, he recently was the subject of the documentary Zizek!. He has written several books including Looking Awry, Welcome to the Desert of the Real and many others he has also published struff for abercrombie and fitch's catalog. Zizek is very popular amongst the very elitest sub culture of Cross-Examination or Policy Debate in high school and more so in college, his arguments usually manifest themselves in the context of something called a kritik

Eric: Hey Justin what did you run agaisnt that team

Justin: Zizek's cap bad shit

Eric: Your a chubby chaser

See slovenia, debate


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