What is Zoi?


Yes, In agreement with, greeting or nod to sudden presence.

Homeycan you believe that fugly hagsat on your face when you were shitfaced?

"Zoi, it was a buzzkillbut I did bust a nutand yarred her but good."


to steal, to drive fast, or a joint.

I smoked some zoi, zoied a car and then zoied off down the highway!

See worm


1: Noun- A person who has been known to have a way of confusing you, but still makes it all right.

2: Verb - To catch on fire, set an item on fire, to mispell the easyest of words.

1: "Geeze. the way you said that makes you sound like Zoi"

2: "Well..you see.. I pulled a sort of Zoi and set my let on fire"

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