What is Zoinks?


An exclamative. Made popular by the character Shaggy on the television show Scooby Doo. Often used by itself to express fright, panic or fear.



Exclamation. Usually from surprise or delight.

Shaggy: "Zoinks Scoob, we are out of Scooby Snacks!"


a word that shaggy used in Scooby Doo. it died down for a long time but recently Andrew McKenna has made it extremely popular among his friends and colleagues.

Andrew uses it when he scores a goal in FIFA.

Dang that was a nice goal. ZOINKS!

See sweet, holla, ahhh, awesome, nice


I just utterly took something from you and you didn't even realize...

Proper usage after taking object: "ZOINKS!"

See zoinks, steal, lol, wtf, kthx


Slang for sexual favors

"That girl is so drunk, she's giving free zoinks"

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crap for crap

See pip


when your weiner farts. kind of like a queef, except for boys...

ew man it stinks, did you zoink?


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