What is Zombee?


A zombee is your typical meathead douchebag: fat, out of shape, unemployed (or employed in a completely dead-end job), and dumb. Zombees like to fantasize that they are, or were at one time, important. They play this fantasy out via a "tough guy" routine on the web.

Zombees like to troll, scream obscenities, instigate screeds and generally act like antisocial asswipes, all behind the anonymity of the internet. They make self-negating claims like "I'm not bragging, but I was special forces. I was in Iraq, before we were in Iraq". When faced with their own inadequacies, Zombees resort to namecalling in a particularly unwitty fashion.

Zombees often have anger management issues, and are prime candidates for domestic violence and sociopathic behavior.

Avoid that guy, he's a real zombee.

I'm pretty sure he's a 15 year old zombee who reads too many Clancy novels.

Wow. That zombee needs a time-out.

See douchebag, meathead, wannabe, troll


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