What is Zomg!?


1. One of the games on gaiaonline.

2. When using OMG more onlinely.

1. "Hey, did you play zOMG! yesterday?"

2. zOMG's!, I moose yuuu.

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"zomg! A zombie, lets hit it in the head!"-p.f.g

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Started randomly by me on a forum after wanting to have a signature phrase.

Only later did I realize it wasn't unique.

Now it's starting to actually being said aloud, pronounced "Zoh-My-Gosh".

Most people presume it's "God", but it diffrentiates ZOMG a bit more from OMG.

Paul: Zoh My Gosh! That girl's hot!

Zach: You're a nerd, you just said 'ZOMG!' out loud. You'll never get her.

Paul: Yeah...better go back to online dating.

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