What is Zoomer?


(v.) When a man hangs penis out of his fly, gets an erection, and runs up and shanks a girl, ass rapes her, and runs away before being seen.

I gave Susie the zoomer last week, and she still doesn't know it was me

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To go out and have a mare. Ie a shit weekend.

Aw mate what a zoomer I had last night.

Haha did you see that bird u were with last night, you had a zoomer!

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A person who sells fake drugs and then takes off before being found out.

"Damn! that zoomer just sold me cat nip!"


In parts of southeast Michigan, Person who is tells tall tails and shows off..flashy person. Originally a person who drives around alot.

Ever since he got his car hes become such a zoomer.


A person who goes to Churchy and shags animals especially dogs up the butt. Zoomers are known to have a lot of money and shag eachother when there isnt a hairy animal in sight.

ZOOMER! ZOOMER! ZOOMER! haha look at that ZOOMER! yo that ZOOMER just shagged that poor little puppy. Yo ZOOMER i bought ya a puppy.

See dominic


Similar in nature to a flaming hard core nerd, but spacier, and typically cross eyed.

John: "Dude, what do you think of that dude Pee Wee?"

Jack: "Dude, he's a total zoomer."

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n. Instance in which one accidentally inhales a small piece of Marijuana whilst smoking a cigarette of said substance.

Fuck my throat hurts. Why? I just caught a fucking zoomer.

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