What is Zoosexual?


An individual who perfers mutually desired sex with animals. Also called a zoophile. Not to be confused with bestiality, wherein the individual uses animals for sex with no regard to the animals desire.

Joe? Nah, he doesn't date outside the ranch. Zoosexual, y'know.

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Simplified term to summarize a person with sexual attractions to animal(s) and often engauge in sexual acts with an animal or animals.

Term has been acknowledged as legitimate in docternal studies of bestiality and/or zoophilia as a way to generalise and confirm sexual account with an animal, therefore it is recognized as an actual term.

Its not ONLY a word created to avoid the bluntness of the word bestiality, or zoophilia. It's a word used to acknowledge the action or thought process of animality without offending anyone by "stereotypical categorizing."

"I figured out the other day that Kyle was zoosexual."

"There are four kinds of people in this world; heterosexual, homosexual, heterozoosexual, and homozoosexual."

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It is still beastality/bestality regardless of whether or not it's mutual. But then again, what the hell is mutual about that shit anyway when the animal only prefers to mate with its own species.

People who call themselves "Zoosexuals" are simply looking for an excuse to rape animals.

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