What is Zoot?


A spliff or joint

Fancy a zoot?


zoot is another word for marihuana cannabis, a spliff weed or a joint

i need a lighter 2 bun my zoot


cigaweed (spliff blud)

gimme a lit 2 bun dis zoot blud!

See luke


A cannabis cigarette.

From "Zoot Suit", a type of suit popular early last century, generally white, with wide shoulders and tapered trousers, which of course looks a little like a coned spliff.

"Come cotch over here and bun this zoot with me"

See thees


A Spliff, A joint,

Pass the zoot, im gunna bun it down ya get me

See peng, spliff, joint, ganja


a single rolled joint of either weed or rocky (or pollen if your desperate)

blazed a fat zoot in cammi's las nite lad

See spliff, blunt, weed, rocky, pollen


A big spliff often packed with marijuana

Yo don I got a fat zoot wanna play traffic lights?

See weed, drugs, cannabis, wiggy


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