What is Zorb?


A zorb is a perfectly spherical person.

Look at that zorb that resides in V1 at the University of Waterloo.

See zorb, fat, round, waterloo, university, male, sphere, spherical, ball


Zorbing is the act of lubricating a womans back passage by opening said hole and hocking one down it

I zorbed that bird i took home last night, she loved it


A zorb is a rather large spherical ball, that one throws him or herself down a large hill in.

PMFG i just flew down tht hill in a zorb


Describes the feeling after one takes a moke snap. Basically, a spinning light-headedness that can make you drool, or even vomit when done improperly, but when done correctly feels like heroin.

G-Mo was zorbing so hard off that moke snap that he fell off his chair into his puddle of drool, then threw up on the ground, then crawled through the gurpand needed to be helped up into a sitting position once again.

See moke snap, moke, zorb, bong, gurp, seizure


verb. to zorb. to sit around, possibly in front of a television, probably by yourself and do nothing. similar to zoning out.

i totally zorbed out watching the law and order marathon last night.

See zone out, veg, zonk, vegitate


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