What is Zub?


What a yuleh call's someone who is being a dick

"YULEh whas up"

"shut the fuck up ZUB"


See justin


The male willy!

I put my zub in...and then..........aaaaaahh!!! 2 second cum!!


a word meaning dick thats right homes.

i stuck my zub all in the ladies face hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!

then she said thats so cool man we out dawg west side

See yea, so, yet, to, for


To go, stay or be at home. Curl Curl, Sydney, Australia Origin.

1: Where are you?

2: Zub

1:What are you doing tonight?

2: Zubbing it.

See home, house, homebody, oge, esh


Derivation of the word 'nub', which itself is a derivation of the word 'noob'. Someone who is a complete and utter example of what NOT to be. This could be someone who exhibits horrid, distastefully bad skills, or a lack thereof, at something OR someone who has a very dorky loser-like appearance.

Wow, that kid's a comPLETE zub! Yeah, that one with the giant yellow helmet riding the Power Rangers bike. I bet he'd be horrible at Halo.

See zub, nub, n00b, loser, dorky, noob


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