What is Zwerged?


the act of a crude photoshop-insertion meme involving a small carved statuette resembling something similar to a lawn gnome.

This meme started its roots, as with many others, as a spam phenomenon on the boards of 4chan, where more than not the image is simply pasted on top of another image in place of a real reply, usually for one of three reasons- the request posed is too hard to fulfill, so easy that saying "google it" would not suffice, or being braindead enough to continue the meme just because it hasn't been done yet and one feels like ruining a potentially good thread early on.

On rare occasions, the Zwerg has been artistically placed into different situations, including but not limited to a surprise appearance in a geinecological exam.

OP: "Does anyone have this picture in a higher res?"

*posts a wallpaper he likes*

Anonymous: "ZWERGED."

*posts identical image with the zwerg gnome stamped on top*

See zwerg, zwerged, 4chan, 4 chan, meme, photoshop, photo, shop, manip, manipulation


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