What is Zyuray?


A person obsessed with the slutty singer, Britney Spears (A Fucking Moron -- go to Newgrounds/portal and search for the flash movie: Your Are A Fucking Moron 8 for reason.)

A Fat Fucking Mexican, who lives in New York and needs to lose weight.

A Drug User who smokes shit and afterwards sticks it up his ass. An owner of a Britney 49-inch Playdoll (his fuck toy).

Owner of a Power Rangers Website and Forum (rangercentral/rangerboard) -- A dark freelance forum where chaos dominates. All members there are 40 yr. old men/fags who all look like fucking special-ed, resource students; likes talking act like their tough.

A WWE FAN. Likes playing heel and face sometimes.

I'm gonna act nice for a month. Face turn (good guy) from heel (bad guy). How gay eh?


Noun; Person who hates Sentai and loves Power Rangers

-Sentai is gay

-You fuckin' zyuray


And idiot who just LOVEs to rip ppl of their momeny but don't do anything about fixing his behaviour......

pay $2 and get the following for unlimtied amount instert your crap


A god among insects.

You are zyuray. Never let anyone tell you differently.

See cholo


Bastard that won't fork over enough money to support a good cause.

Person 1: Oh man, the homeless shelter is gonna close down without any funding.

Person 2: Don't look at me, dude.

Person 1: You're such a fucking zyuray!


The equivelant to a newbie in Socom2.

I just killed a zyuray,


A Mexican Santa.

Dude you look like zyuray!

See burn


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